SOUTH AFRICA: New app automates flight check-in

Users of the AirlineCheckins service no longer have to ask what time they need to check in, or what their booking code is, or how to get their preferred seat. The solution is now available as an iOS and Android app, according to Travel and Meetings Buyer

Developed by the Lufthansa Innovation Hub, it provides automatic check-in for the more than 200 airlines around the world.

Once signed up for the service, the app will check passengers in automatically, taking into account their preferred seating options. The service is available for every airline that offers online check in.

New features include the ability to monitor the check-in status of flights and manage flights at all times. Personal information such as seating preferences, frequent flyer programmes or travel partners can all be updated in the app. It also features a notification system which alerts travellers to current flight statuses and gate changes. 

The launch of a subscription model which will give users lounge access and free onboard Wi-Fi is currently in the planning stage.

AirlineCheckins is now also available as a corporate solution and can be integrated into corporate travel management systems. Company employees are then automatically checked in for all business trips.