SAA has announced additional restrictions for passengers transiting to

the United States of America, from March 25.

These restrictions relate to carriage of Liquids, Aerosols and Gels (LAGS) purchased in duty-free areas of airports by passengers in transit on flights originating from Johannesburg, Accra and Dakar. LAGS may not be transported in the cabin baggage of any passengers.

SAA’s security gate search teams will verify any duty-free items purchased at upstream airports and may deny items onto the flight.

This requirement does not affect duty-free purchased at the last point of departure.

“In terms of the United States’ Transportation Security Administration, there will be additional security requirements for flights to the United States of America and these will be in the form of restrictions to carry certain specified items in the cabin under specified circumstances. These restrictions are imposed on all passengers in transit/transfer to the USA and will apply to both SAA flights to the United States,” said SAA spokesperson, Tlali Tlali.  

SAA operates four non-stop flights a week to New York and three flights a week to Washington D.C via Accra and Dakar.

Passengers are advised to factor this in when planning to transit/transfer through Johannesburg, Accra, and Dakar to avoid unnecessary discomfort and possible loss of their items.