Situated in the centre of Europe is the beautiful country of Slovenia, best known for its sweeping mountain landscapes, diverse terrain, lakes and ski resorts. If adventure and adrenalin fuelled activities are of interest to you, or even just relaxing and taking in the scenery, then Slovenia is definitely the country to go to. So, what are the top things that you simply cannot miss if you have the chance to visit? as we reveal the highlights.

Visit the Soca Valley

Soca Valley is famous for the wealth of activities that can be found, as well as the picturesque blue lakes and rocky landscape. From hiking to paragliding, climbing over boulders, whizzing past the scenery on a mountain bike and white water rafting, you can rest assured that a few days spent in the valley will leave you with some great memories and worn out from the energy levels required for some of these events. Are you ready?

The town of Bled

Don’t let the strange name fool you – the town of Bled is absolutely exquisite to behold. Around every corner will be a new picture-perfect scene for you to capture, so make sure you bring a camera! River Bled is a clear mirror lake, populated by Bled Castle that teeters just on the edge of the cliff. If you have time to visit the small church on the islet that is full of character, then you must.


Welcome to Ljubljana; if you can say the name then give yourself a pat on the back! The old town is brimming with historical Baroque architecture that is best explored on foot. Don’t miss out on seeing the interesting triple bridge or the many pictures and statues of dragons! Legend has it that the presence of different depictions of dragons in this town is due to the Greek myths hero Jason and his team of ‘argonauts’ defeating a monster where Ljubljana is situated.

Navigating around Škocjan Caves 

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Škocjan Caves is considered to be one of the most prized natural treasures of our planet. The first sources of the caves were documented on maps in the 2nd century. Many expeditions have been conducted over the centuries that have led to the discovery of new caves and lakes. Attracting over 100,000 visitors per year, the first caves, the first part of the caves, Marinič Cave and Mahorčič Cave, as well as the bridge over Little Collapse Doline can be explored.

Vrsic Pass and the views that cannot be missed

In Kranjska Gora is the monumental Vrsic Pass; towering above the ground at 1611 metres, it is the highest in the eastern Julian Alps. On your way, you must keep your eyes peeled for the face of Ajdovska Deklica that is carved into the rock, as well as the ‘window’ in Prisank Mountain. There are a number of mountain huts should you wish to stop for something to drink or eat, or spend a night or two in the magnificence of Vrsic Pass.

See the Town Walls in Piran

Built around the 7th century, the walls that surround Piran are so well preserved that they are still standing today. A coastal town near the Adriatic Sea, Piran is full of culture and history, which is perhaps best brought to life by the historic fortification. The second and third walls continued to be altered between 1430 and 1538, and 8 of the city entrances still remain. While some of the towers are still accessible, others can be enjoyed from a distance.

Slovenia’s skiing craze

There are a number of ski resorts, however, the resort that is best for those who do not wish to encounter the hype of the tourists, Vogel is the best – as it is less well known, it is a bit cheaper and the skiing season lasts a bit longer than most too, from December to May.