It is now possible for repatriated South Africans to apply to self-quarantine for 10-14 days in their own home or at a facility of their choice.

It is now possible for repatriated South Africans to apply to self-quarantine for 10-14 days in their home or at a facility of their choice.

 Those who wish to isolate in the comfort of their home and not in a state-assigned quarantine facility must submit a written application at least 72 hours before the intended date of travel to the heath director-general to obtain approval.

 If the application of a person arriving in the country is approved, he or she will be allowed to self-quarantine or isolate on arrival and will be subjected to health reporting protocols and regular follow-ups by the department of health

 Previously, expatriates were assigned a site to quarantine for up to 14 days, then later were allowed to return to their place of residence from a quarantine or isolation facility.

 According to new directives issued by health minister Zweli Mkhize, people returning to SA from abroad may self-isolate for a fixed period.

 Expatriates now allowed to self-isolate on return from abroad, says NGO

Asymptomatic patients should isolated for 10 days from the time of testing positive for Covid-19. Those with mild, moderate or severe symptoms should isolate for 10 days from their onset.

 Applications for those who wish to self-quarantine at home must include proof of suitable premises for self-isolation, contact details during the isolation period and the person’s itinerary for the preceding 30 days.

  “Where approval for self-quarantine has not been granted or it has been determined that the person has failed to adhere to the self-quarantine conditions, such a person will be placed at in a state-identified quarantine facility,” said Mkhize.

 To qualify for self-quarantine or self-isolation, applicants must have the following:

 a separate, well-ventilated bedroom with a bathroom and toilet, or a residence that is not shared with people who are not subject to quarantine;

meals served in the room with disposable utensils or utensils that are separate and are washed properly if there are people in the household who are not subject to quarantine;

support from friends or family that can facilitate the drop-off of food and medicine at the entrance if one is not able to make use of online shopping facilities and contactless deliveries;

a thermometer that will allow one to measure one's temperature daily;

access to the internet and a phone that allows the daily reporting of symptoms;

access to a private physician that one can contact should one be in need of medical advice or care; and

a contact number where he or she can be reached during the period of self-quarantine or self-isolation.

Those who wish to apply for self-isolation on return to SA can click here. Once completed, the form must be sent to, CCing and