Wavecrest Beach Hotel is situated on a pristine, mangrove-lined estuary, surrounded by magnificent dune forests and endless expanses of beach. We can comfortably boast the best setting, not just on the Wild Coast, but the whole of South Africa.

The hotel has a very relaxed atmosphere. By virtue of Wavecrest's setting, energetic guests can enjoy wonderful activities, while those wishing to just relax and put their feet up, can do so in a spectacular setting. We are the perfect destination for families, with plenty for the kids to do. 

Wavecrest appeals to those who appreciate the wonders of an unspoilt natural environment, and we share a conservation ethic with our guests to protect this beauty. Revitalise at our Wavecrest Spa which offers a delightful range of beauty therapies and spa treatments to pamper and indulge yourself. We are situated on the southern bank of the productive Nxaxo estuary and this is the ideal starting point for all Birding. The wide variety of habitat types are easily accessible and within close walking distance. Wavecrest is one of the most diverse angling destinations in SA, as it offers pretty much all aspects of shore angling. The rivers are extremely productive and perfect for light tackle enthusiasts.

Aviators will appreciate our well maintained grass airstrip, over 800m long, situated right next to the hotel. Come and enjoy the quiet air space and spend time flying this stunning stretch of coastline.

Come and wander our network of scenic walking and hiking trails. Stroll along the grassy coastal hills full of wildflowers, watch the antics of dolphins and whales, and spend time exploring the deep forests.