1. DOCUMENTATION: ALL drivers must produce an unendorsed, South African driver’s licence (held for a full 3 years; 8 years in certain locations), an embossed credit card in their name (to cover the security deposit – bill-back account holders excluded) and the CHB voucher (proof of pre-payment). An international driving permit (IDP) is also needed for all international rentals (as a requirement of our contracted rate and in some instances, a requirement of the country visited)

2. Our VOUCHER represents the proof of payment. The supplier has every right to refuse a rental if a driver cannot produce all the required documentation. Print ALL pages and hand them to the supplier. Keep a copy on hand for your own reference.

3. The RENTAL CONTRACT signed at the counter is a legally binding document between the driver and the supplier. Drivers should read it thoroughly and understand the contents especially the exclusions insofar as insurance waivers and liabilities are concerned.

4. If you cannot collect your vehicle by the time indicated on your voucher, you must advise the supplier as they are not obligated to keep your reservation beyond the time booked, especially during peak periods when vehicles are at a premium. If you are arriving off a flight CHB will need the arrival flight number so we can advise the supplier accordingly.

5. The grace periods indicated on CHB vouchers refer to the PICK UP DEADLINE. Rentals work in 24 hour cycles; if the car is returned later than booked, an additional day’s rental will be charged directly to you by the supplier. Late returns are NOT covered by insurance waivers; rental extensions are absolutely mandatory.

6. Take note of what your SECURITY DEPOSIT will be. South Africa: security deposits are indicated on Page 2 of the voucher. International: combined total of (1) the excess amount, (2) any pre-booked items payable to the supplier at the counter e.g. one-way fee, additional driver etc + (3) a tank of fuel plus (4) tax. In the case of a zero excess, a security deposit is still required (allow +/- EU 700 or USD 100 p/w in the States + extras + fuel + tax). Deposits are released back into your credit card approx 5 working days of vehicle return, less any peripheral items (if any). Funds may however take up to 21 working days to reflect in your account – this is due to international banking restrictions which are out of our, and our supplier’s, control.

7. Not all UPGRADES are free, especially internationally. If you are offered an upgrade, make sure you understand the cost implications. Any charges incurred will be additional to what you have already paid CHB and will be charged directly to your credit card by the supplier. ‘CUSTOMER CHOICE’ on a rental agreement refers to a VOLUNTARY UPGRADE.

8. Suppliers will also offer you OPTIONAL EXTRAS at the counter e.g. top-up cover to reduce your excess liability, or a waiver cover for windscreen or tyres. Check what your package already includes (refer your voucher pg 2), before you sign for items you don’t need or perhaps are already included in your package.

9. ANYTHING that you are unhappy about e.g. any dents, scratches, vehicle performance, items missing, condition of tyres, damage of any kind or fuel level must be brought to the attention of the supplier and noted on the rental agreement before leaving the depot or as immediate as is possible. Failure to do this could result in you being held responsible for pre-existing damages. Note that if you return the car dirty, you could also be liable for valet fees.

10. Instructions on what to do in the event of an EMERGENCY are detailed in your Rental Agreement. Familiarize yourself with the procedures before embarking on your journey. All accidents must be reported to the local authorities and to the supplier who will ask for the police case number.

11. Check your voucher and your rental agreement i.r.o the FUEL POLICY. Some suppliers supply the car with a full tank of petrol in which case you must return the car with a full tank (not to the first ‘click’ either). Keep copies of your petrol slips for six months in the event of there being any queries in that regard. Some suppliers give you sufficient fuel to get you to the nearest gas station, and likewise wish you to return the car as empty as possible (no refunds for a full tank given in these instances!).

12. Note that Car Hire Brokers do have an AFTER-HOURS number to call in the event of any after-hours emergencies, which is indicated at the bottom of your voucher.

13. POST-DEPARTURE EXTENSIONS: INTERNATIONAL - to be made directly with the supplier as the supplier requires driver verification AND authorization for extra charges recorded. DOMESTIC EXTENSIONS can be done via your travel agent or via the Call Centre up to 2 hours before your initial drop off time. Extensions made after the drop off time are to be made directly with the supplier; we cannot backdate extensions on the CHB system.

14. CANCELLATIONS: Should you fail to take up your reservation and fail to cancel ahead of the pick-up time, no refund will apply (no-show). Pre-paid customers: No refunds for unused days. Account holders: cancel all unwanted reservations to avoid being charged the full rental cost.

15. Once our voucher is issued, a 10pc administration fee is charged by CHB for all refunds. This charge also applies to account holders.

Refer to our full Terms and Conditions provided with your car rental voucher.