Grahamstown Xhosa / Township Tours --- with my friend Otto Ntshebe

About Ottours 'Spirit of Life' - Accredited Tour Guide

Ottours 'Spirit of Life' - Accredited Tour Guide

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Hear unwritten stories about Xhosa people and their style of living; Visit the second oldest township in the country; Learn about the Fifth Frontier war at Egazini (Place of Bloodshed); Stand where the Xhosa legend Makana stood during the battle - open your ears and listen as the ghosts whistle to you in their Ghost town. Come and hear more stories ...

Witness Xhosa oral tradition from generations to generations through meeting the real people of the area. Meet a Sangoma who will welcome you and share her religion to you and reveal your past and future. See a traditional hut and a kraal where ancestors are worshipped.

Our Xhosa lifestyle of sharing, greeting and laughing with friends - experience our language to talk with you in "tsotsi taal" a mix of different languages of South Africa. In the township meet people with Ubuntu humanity, have fun and learn to dance, have a braai (barbeque) at a local shebeen or tavern.

Our Settlers' history will astonish you - visit the Grahamstown Foundation and 1820 Settlers' Monument which resembles the type of ship that the British travelled in to our shores; see our well-preserved Georgian and Victorian buildings, our Cathedral and our well known Observatory Museum.

If you book a package tour, you can also book accommodation in a unique township lifestyle Bed and Breakfast. Let your hair down and try something different - you'll be amazed !! Email me for details....