1.       Discover the wet market - one of the most raw, vibrant experiences in Singapore - a visit to these semi-al fresco hives of industry also teaches much about local life and foods.

2.       Explore the nooks and crannies of Tiong Bahru - one of the oldest residential neighbourhoods. The charming estate possesses a juxtaposition of the quaint coffee shops and mature apartments against the modern cafés and hipster shops. An evolving trend is seen at this striking suburb, as the elderly still congregate for their daily chats at the markets while the younger residents frequent the hip bookstores and indie specialty shops.

3.       Get lost in Little India, starting with the fruit and vegetable stalls of Campbell Lane, then make your way through inner lanes of Singapore’s subcontinental enclave and end up at the all-in-one megastore, Mustafa Shopping Centre. 

4.       Catch a glimpse of the traditional shop houses which still stand the test of time along Emerald Hill. Built by the Peranakans during Singapore’s colonial days, the shop houses are a testament of the nation’s rich heritage. Continue to embrace Singapore’s diverse cultures by checking out Peranakan Museum, a stimulating and educational experience for all, with one of the finest and most comprehensive collection of distinctive visual arts and objects.

5.       Visit the National Gallery, the former Old Supreme Court, and a historic structure which stands in front of the Padang, where the world’s largest display of modern Southeast Asia Art now resides.

6.       Take a leisurely stroll along Botanic Gardens, recently listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Sites, or stroll along Gardens by the Bay to soak in the breath-taking urban sunset and be awed by the amazing contrast of the horticulture and architectural designs of the flower domes.

7.       Get in touch with Singapore’s history and follow after the founding forefathers’ footprints with a walking tour along the cramped five-foot-ways, dingy alleys, raucous street hawkers – reminiscent of Chinatown’s past. 

8.       Be awed by the historical landmarks and monumental icons along Singapore River on the river taxi.

9.       Indulge in a plate of the much-loved Chilli Crab, touted to be Singapore’s favourite seafood dish, along the beautiful banks of Singapore River at Red House, Robertson Quay. Be spoilt for choice with a variety of local delicacies, such as freshly grilled Satay meat skewers, barbecued chicken wings, live seafood and steamboat surrounded by lush greenery before the beautiful waterfront at Satay by the Bay. Round up dinner with an exquisite Singapore Sling cocktail at Raffles Hotel, where it was originally founded and created.

10.   Bid bad hair days adieu with quirky hair salons in Singapore, which specialise in giving perfectly coiffed strands. Gentlemen can head to Hounds of the Baskervilles, decked out in old-time Victorian vibes and dapperly dressed dandy barbers, while ladies can check out The Big Blow, a mobile hair styling, nails and make up service.